Hello Object

What I hope to learn in Object:

-more about calculating what resistors and power sources are appropriate for setting up a circuit.

-more experience programming sensors and actuators with more complex functions

What I already know:

I am pretty familiar with basic electronics and programming Arduino from past classes in ATLAS, and I have been building, sewing, and creating things for as long as I can remember, so I would say that fabrication is my strong suit.

Project ideas:

Some things I would like to build

  • Hula hoop that counts revolutions, and/or speed, lights up in different patterns to based on inputs, and shuts off after a set time of inactivity.
  • LED clock with a unique time display
  • twirLED for him, using micro:bits to communicate back and forth.

Lab 1

Build 2 bread-boarded circuits – one with 2+ LEDs in parallel, one with 2+ leds in series. Be sure to use appropriate resistor values for the LEDs in your bread-boarded circuits.
Parts: jumper wires, breadboard, LEDs, resistors, power supplies, barrel jack connector, voltage regulator.
What to post: photos of each working circuit, schematic drawings, and a written explanation of what you made.


mail me a link to your post.

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