VR Gauntlet



Team Members

  • Ethan Choe
  • Mel Plett
  • Matt Whitlock

Project Description

VR controllers and haptic gloves are nothing new, however, this combination of the two is unique in several ways.  The VR Gauntlet seeks to offer a user a more organic control to alter virtual reality using finger position and hand rotation to navigate through menus.  Using a micro:bit to track the z axis of the hand, the glove lights up, for demonstration purposes, and provides a small buzz on the top of the finger depending on the position.  The serial output from the glove is fed into Unity to allow the user to navigate and select menu items.  This way, the user is not required to look at their hands in the VR environment and is provided haptic feedback while navigating GUI elements to control things like color, sound, brightness, and a host of other possible options.




Artboard 1-80Artboard 2-80

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