Project Pitch

HuLED Hoop

Growing up, some of the toys I played with were hula hoops and the “skip It,” which you put it around your foot and spun it around and it kept track of how many revolutions so you could try and beat your best score. The problem was that you had to stop before you could check your score.

I think it would be fun combine the score tracking feature into a hula hoop and use LEDs to communicate to the user how many revolutions they have completed so they don’t have to stop and check their score.

I did some research and found some hula hoops that light up and some that track your score, but didn’t find any that combine the two.

Additionally, it might be fun to integrate some copper tape into the design on the inside and outside of the hoop as a switch to trigger a light feature for users who like doing tricks spinning the hoop around their body with their hands.


existing products:


  • sensor (photo resistor, or a button, and or a motion sensor)
  • microcontroller, I’m thinking a pro micro because it would actually fit inside or a micro:bit that could send the score out and could possibly sync with other hoops.  I have a couple of each of these to play with
  • LED strip
  • rechargeable battery


  • Plastic tube with an internal diameter large enough to house components
  • connectors to make the pipe hold it’s shape.
  • decorative tape

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